Sue Hannibal

Sue Hannibal is an Intuitive Behaviorist? and holistic trauma therapist in private practice since 1999. An Intuitive Behaviorist identifies, excavates and guides clients to self-heal the roots of emotional trauma, dissociated consciousness and dysfunctional beliefs which can sometimes trigger illness. Her second book, Spiritual Compass: Practical Strategies for When You Feel Lost, Alone and God Seems Far Away, is a guide to developing the emotional and spiritual resilience and intuitive navigation skills everyone needs in an increasingly stressful world. Her third book, Out of the Kill Zone: PTSD, Big Pharma?s Deadly Drugs and Suicide–True Stories of Healing from Troops, Cops and Civilians Caught in the Crossfire, is in progress. Sue also teaches licensed clinicians how to engage their own intuition to diagnose and heal dissociation, panic, phobias and complex trauma using energy psychology techniques.

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