Bradley Bush, ND

Session Title:?Your Patients are Hungry for Dopamine

Dr. Bradley Bush received his naturopathic doctor degree from National College of Naturopathic Medicine and is currently co-owner and clinic director of Natural Medicine of Stillwater. Dr. Bush?s practice focus is fatigue, insomnia, mood disorders, and Lyme disease. Previously, Dr. Bush was the co-founder and practitioner at New Hampshire Natural Health where he specialized in neuroendocrinology, intravenous therapies and lower Gi health for 8 years.

Dr. Bush has over 17-years of industry business experience and is owner of Natural Health Insights, LLC providing consultant services to the natural products and laboratory testing industry. Dr. Bush speaks nationally and regularly publishes on the topics of neuroimmunology, brain-gut connections, neuroendocrinology and Lyme disease.

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