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Energy Medicine

Energizing your Holistic Medicine Practice?


Energy Medicine is moving into our health care system quickly, powerfully, and none too soon. Conventional medicine right now focuses on illness rather than optimizing health; and that often futilely seeks to identify simple cause-and-effect relationships rather than to grasp how body, mind, and spirit are profoundly interrelated. As a result, we have built a medical system based on drugs and surgery.

We are seeing the emergence of a new paradigm and, one whose ancient roots have withstood the test of time. The new paradigm, as Energy Medicine addresses biological processes at their energetic foundation.

Join our team as we address issues such as Alzheimer?s, Autism, PTSD and a variety of chronic health issues. You will return to your practice open to new information that can be applied to your patients.

Pre-conference Workshop Friday November 2, 2018 1:00- 5:00 PM

Beyond Reason: Combining the ACE Study, Metaphor Language, and the EDIT Process? to Diagnose ?Treatment Resistant? Panic, Phobias, Dissociation, Trauma and Illness Presented by Sue Hannibal, Intuitive Behaviorist

  • This workshop addresses a common blind spot in medical and psychotherapeutic practice regarding diagnosing the metaphorical nature of root causes in uncued panic attacks, some phobias, anxiety disorders, dissociation and some illnesses. It introduces an innovative method to ?trace the energetic signature of body/mind trauma? so it can be correctly diagnosed and treated. For example, when viewed metaphorically, fear of flying, other phobias such as the dentist, needles, spiders and snakes as well as uncued panic disorder are often rooted in healed childhood sexual abuse, with or without dissociation.


  • Metaphor language, similar to dream interpretation, is common in our culture but is not taught as a diagnostic tool. This class shows you how to ?trace the energetic signature of trauma? (how to read energy) by interpreting common body/mind metaphors that reveal the hidden roots of panic attacks and phobias as well as the dissociation that often complicates treatment of trauma/PTSD and various illnesses.

Seminar Saturday November 3rd

Speaking Sessions:

Alzheimer?s Disease and Mindfulness: Presented by Ayman Mukerji Househam

Using EFT to treat chronic health issues: Presented by Mahima Kalla

Using Energy Psychology Technique, TFT, the professionally administered evidence-based tapping therapy to treat PTSD: Presented by Suzanne Connolly, LCSW,

Using EP to treat ASD: Presented by Mandi Freger, M.Ed., DCEP, LBS, LPC


We offer three packages- Friday pre-conference only, Saturday full day sessions or a two day package. View registration option here.



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