Parkinson’s Disease Investigation Show Dramatic Improvements In Patient Care

The Neurology Center, a medical group practice of top doctors devoted to excellence in care, located in Houston, Texas, working in conjunction with two leading neurology and anti-aging specialists, has made available the concluding six-month results of their randomized controlled investigation of intravenously administering NuPlasma® young blood plasma into eighteen Parkinson’s disease patients (8 NuPlasma – 10 Placebo).

In a landmark investigation that addresses a well-known neurological disorder that affects more than 10 million people worldwide, for which there has been previously no known treatment that can slow the progression of the disease and available drugs can only relieve symptoms, the randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled investigation, designed to evaluate the efficacy of 25 ml/kg intravenous NuPlasma young Fresh Frozen Plasma (yFFP®) administered in two doses over three days, continues to realize dramatic and statistically significant improvements.

Ultimately, for patients treated with yFFP, there were a number of Motor Symptom reductions observed during in-person neurologist-assessments at 6 months, including action tremor (-80.6), tremor at rest (-50.8%) and a number of instances of improved bradykinesia, including postural stability (-62.5%) and body bradykinesia (-25%).

With regard to Mentation, Behavior, and Mood, patients treated with NuPlasma yFFP experienced reductions in depression (-77.5%), motivation and initiative (-43.8%), and intellectual impairment (-38.9%). NuPlasma recipients also saw improvements in sensory complaints (-67.86%), handwriting (-34.9%) and swallowing (-32.5%).

With all patients continuing to be maintained on their pre-investigation treatments, after twenty-four weeks this newly collected data takes the investigation far past the point of where the yFFP is still in circulation, yet continues to show a prolonged residual benefit.

“It has been a privilege to observe and present the results of this yFFP investigation,” stated Dr. Dian Ginsberg, MD, FAARM. “Parkinson’s disease is one of a larger group of neurological conditions called motor system disorders and prior to making public these results from young blood plasma infusions, no available medications reversed the progression of the disease.  Young blood plasma infusions have now conclusively shown a lasting and unprecedented success in broadly improving patient outcomes.  It is with great encouragement that we believe the combination of microbiome correction, inflammation reduction and infusions of yFFP can mediate neurodegeneration in a significant and meaningful way.”

Full study disease assessment and blood laboratory data is accessible online at:

About NuPlasma – NuPlasma is an accredited Blood Bank operating under FDA, AABB and CLIA’s Good Manufacturing Practice regulations.  Located in San Marcos, Texas, NuPlasma is the world’s first blood bank to collect young plasma exclusively from volunteer 18 – 25 year old donors.  NuPlasma is dedicated to Making Lives Better® by providing physicians with exceptional quality, selection and service.

*The use of blood and blood products such as plasma in the United States is restricted only to the issuance of a prescription by a licensed physician.

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