Author: jbenson

Can Chronic Diseases Be Reversed

January 15, 2020

Join world-renowned doctors, scientists, and researchers for a symposium about the new frontier of medicine – reversing chronic diseases. Topics to be discussed include heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, macular degeneration, Alzheimer’s disease, stem cell therapies, gut health, clinical genomics and the reversal of neurodegenerative conditions. View the video below to hear Shalesh Kaushal MD, PhD explain […]

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February 27, 2019

My awareness of the importance of glutathione in health began with the brilliant commentary on oceanic disease (IMCJ 7.1) by associate editor Sid Baker, MD.1 Since then, as I have studied detoxification, mitochondrial function, and healthy aging, the critical role of adequate glutathione to health has become ever more apparent. I have now mentioned glutathione […]

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